FABLE Studios

Same Day Edit

The Same Day Edit is a short, cinematic mini-documentary that tells the story of your Wedding day as it unfolds. It includes everything from the pre-ceremony preparations, ceremony, post ceremony and even some of the reception. Unlike our Highlight Reels, our Same Day Edits are screened for all of the guests during the Reception. This gives everyone, including the couple themselves, a chance to re-live the day and even see the events that they weren’t a part of.

The story of Bay street professional turned full time artist; Anthony Ricciardi and his wife Cassandra celebrated their Italian wedding at The Grand Luxe Event Boutique in Toronto. These high school sweethearts wanted to tell their story in parallel with their wedding to the nuances of creating a masterpiece work of art. We watch the journey of these two unfold with beautiful locations like Knox College and Figures restaurant where Anthony created a custom piece in their from window.

Christina and Jason Lebanese fusion winter wonderland inspired wedding, is beautifully unfolded by a narration from the couple. Their guests were invited for a night spent “under the snow and stars” at The Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex. From the brides custom made Ines Di Santo gown to the Décor design of Posh stylings Inc. we were transported to a magical evening full of culture and wonder.

A love at first sight story between Frank and Fernando. We get to learn and relate to their relationship as the couple tells us about their journey together. We are taken through a lovely session at UofT where the couple talks about each other and how they met. We are shown the loyalty, compassion and passion that Frank and Fernando have for each other and celebrate their love through their civil ceremony and celebration at Le Parc.

Victoria and Nick had been together for 11 years before getting married and we are taken into their Portuguese-Italian blended celebration. The couple narrates cards that they have written for each other in the anticipation of seeing each other on the big day. The love these two share is displayed on the looks and moments they share at Osgoode Hall.

Alessandra and Michael’s beautiful Italian wedding mesmerized by the beautiful words that Michael wrote that “their love is not just for a minute or just for now but that it is forever.” His personalized card just signified the thought and care that these two have for eachother. We fused the words of the priest of the Catholic ceremony to tie in the celebration of their love. Kortright Centre for Conservation was the perfect location to celebrate and capture the fun and loving nature of Alessandra and Michael and their bridal party.

Fun loving Roshani and Vikas take us on a journey of their multi day south asian wedding. We are introduced to the different pre events of Mehndi, Haldi/Pithi and Sangeet. As we are brought to the wedding day we capture the excitement of the morning and the wonderful surprise that Vikas has in store for Roshani. With all the beautiful scenes of the Hindu Ceremony the parents of both Roshani and Vikas impart their knowledge for the future of the married couple.


Trailers are short, cinematic mini-documentary beautifully told using a combination of amazing footage, music and key audio elements captured throughout your Wedding day(s). Unlike our Same Day Edits, we include your full day, from start to finish, within your Highlight Reel and we get to spend that little bit more time after your Wedding to make it perfect.

The beautiful Jewish wedding of Chelsea and Ari showcases the love and importance that Chelsea and Ari have for each other and their family. With the Ceremony and Reception happening at Chelsea’s childhood home we are taken into their story by the narration of the officiant Chelsea's brother and the message from Chelsea and Ari to each other.

This story takes place at Hacienda Sarria where Samantha and Steve take us into the begining of their journey as husband and wife. The couple really wanted to showcase the love that they have for each other and how meeting each other simply changed their lives. Samantha and Steve both narrate letters that they wrote reliving the moments that brought them to their wedding day.

Short Films

The short film is a cinematic feature film focused on telling your full Wedding day story. We drive the emotion of your story using key moments that really stand out and make those moments the apex of your story. Every Wedding has moments of laughter, silliness as well as tears and raw emotion. We take these elements, creatively mold them together to form a full Wedding story to stand the test of time.

This is not something you share, but a keepsake you’ll be able to bring out to from time to time as you grow old. It will allow you to remember what you felt on that day, your Wedding day, for years to come.